44 new EU4Health grants mark progress on future European Health Data Space

The European Health and Digital Executive Agency has announced 44 new EU4Health direct grants in the field of digital health with the aim of supporting EU countries in implementing the future European Health Data Space.

The grants form part of a wider portfolio of projects that the €5.3 billion EU4Health programme is financing in the digital health space.

The European Health Data Space project has been established as “a health specific ecosystem comprised of rules, common standards and practices, infrastructures and a governance framework”, offering increased digital access to electronic health data, a “genuine single market” for electronic health record systems, and guiding the use of health data in research, innovation, policy-making and regulation.

Of the 44 new grants, 23 will focus on supporting the launch of new electronic cross-border health services under MyHealth@EU, including e-prescriptions, patient summaries, medical images, lab results, and clinical documentation. The remaining 21 will help to facilitate the secondary use of health data in EU countries, advancing research, innovation and personalised medicine.

Projects being funded include a German cross-border e-prescription service, the expansion of services in the Slovenian National Contact Point for eHealth (NCPeH), and the development of the Luxembourg access body to support the secondary use of health data.

A “joint kick-off meeting” held in January provided participants with information on aspects of grants and financial management, to ensure their preparedness for bringing projects to fruition.

To learn more about the new grants, please click here.

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