Amazon expands AWS HealthImaging service for medical data at scale

Amazon has announced the general availability of its AWS HealthImaging service, designed to help providers build cloud-native applications to store, analyse and share medical imaging data at petabyte-scale.

The service is said to enable all of an organisation’s medical imaging applications access to “a single authoritative copy of data without duplication” as part of efforts to reduce infrastructure and operational complexity. Amazon notes that this reduction in complexity can also support customers with low storage costs for image archives.

Amazon highlights the solution enables users to “securely access the data from anywhere” and how “with just a few clicks in the HealthImaging console, you can provision a data store capable of hosting petabytes of medical imaging data, maintaining every image ready for low-latency retrieval”. Amazon adds that users can run multiple import jobs concurrently, and files are automatically organised with metadata at patient, study and series level. Applications and AI algorithms can also access study metadata via APIs without a need to load image data.

Earlier this month we looked at the expansion of Amazon’s virtual health care marketplace, Amazon Clinic, across the US, supporting customers to access virtual consultations for more than 30 common health concerns through Amazon’s website or app.

In October last year, we shared how Amazon partnered with The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and other tech companies including Apple, Google, Meta and Microsoft to progress voice recognition technology, with the aim of developing its functionality for people living with speech disabilities.

In other news around medical imaging, we covered the Royal College of Radiologists’s (RCR) creation of an AI registry in imaging, intended to “streamline and facilitate the adoption of AI by providing a comprehensive directory of all NHS sites currently using AI tools as part of their imaging work”.

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