Argentinian Ministry of Health launches PAHO collaboration on new tool for health workers

The Argentinian Ministry of Health has launched a collaboration with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), with aims to optimise health work across the country and to strengthen “the common task to promote the improvement of health care”.

The Federal Network of Quality in Health is housed in PAHO’s Virtual Campus of Public Health, described as a “new collaborative space” and a “joint management tool” which can bring together stakeholders on Argentinian health.

In a meeting between representatives from the Ministry and PAHO, Leonardo Busso, secretary of health quality of the nation, highlighted the leading role of the national health portfolio, citing the need to improve information systems and advance technological solutions to aid improvements in this arena. He added: “Quality work is one of the most important strategies for the coming years, along with technology linked to digital health and human resources in health.”

Jané Llopis, PAHO representative, also spoke of the PAHO Public Health Campus “not only as a training and training tool for health teams, but also as a management and leadership resource in human resources”.

With 60 registrations of public and private organisations to date, the collaboration looks to promote the sharing of resources such as news, latest developments and announcements, as well as to provide a space for participants to come together to hold meetings, conversations, training activities, and more.

Next steps include the creation of a quality jurisdictional monitoring board, the implementation of self-assessment for clinical analysis laboratories, and the development of clinical practice communities.

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In related news, PAHO shared news earlier this year of a $5 million donation received from Japan for the Pan-American Highway for Digital Health Initiative, making the nation the initiative’s “first official donor”. 

Last month, PAHO urged the adoption of innovative technologies in the fight to eliminate TB across the Americas, with recent figures from 2023 showing an increase of 14 percent in the number of people falling ill with TB and an increase of 41 percent in the number of deaths, compared with 2015.

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