Australian Digital Health Agency to source solutions and services in support of transformation vision

The Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) has published a notice highlighting intention to source solutions and services in support of the vision to “transform national infrastructure and move to a contemporary, structured data-rich ecosystem capable of connecting systems across settings and supporting real-time access to information for the patient and the broader care team – anywhere, anytime.”

The ADHA states that the next phase of digital transformation in Australia will see the evolution of national infrastructure with the intent of driving information sharing and advancing real-time data exchange to make information available as and when required, and maintaining consumer consent along with strong privacy and cyber security standards.

“People should not have to retell their health story. Their key information should follow them and, should they wish, be available to the whole care team across primary care, allied care, hospital care and aged care,” the ADHA has stated. “The resulting reduced duplication and waste will also decrease workforce and budget pressures and increase safety, quality and productivity.”

The ADHA is hosting an information session designed to provide insights into upcoming plans for interested parties, to be held in person in Canberra on 15 July. More information about the session can be found here.

Last month, HTNI explored the National Healthcare Interoperability Plan from the ADHA, which runs until 2028 and focuses on on high quality data, digitally enabled models of care, and sharing of information across the healthcare system. 

Earlier in the year, we highlighted how the federal government of Australia signed a statement of collaboration with the United Kingdom and United States which will see Australia take part in discussions around green procurement, with particular focus on encouraging suppliers to disclose carbon emissions and setting targets for emission reductions. Click here to read more.

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