California’s Maxim AI raises $3m to support scaling of operations

California-based Maxim AI, described as an “enterprise-grade evaluation and observability platform for AI applications”, has raised $3 million in a funding round to help “test and rapidly ship AI products”, with Maxim also announcing the general availability launch of the platform.

The platform is designed to streamline the AI development lifecycle, “from prompt engineering, pre-release and post-release testing for quality and functionality, to data management and fine-tuning” with the aim of enabling “faster, reliable and high quality” deployment of AI. The funding is intended to help Maxim in expanding its team and scaling operations to partner with more enterprises building AI products.

The funding round was led by Elevation Capital, with participation from investors including Postman, Groww,, Razorpay and Chargebee.

Vaibhavi Gangwar (formerly of Google) and Akshay Deo (of API development platform Postman) founded Maxim in 2023. They have commented that although evaluation is a “very critical piece of AI infrastructure”, today there is “no standardisation in the generative AI testing space unlike traditional software development. That’s where Maxim comes in: with our users, we have become this very core piece of infrastructure that is powering high quality AI development, streamlining team collaboration, and saving development teams hundreds of hours per month.”

On the investment, Akarsh Shrivastava of Elevation Capital said that Maxim is “addressing a crucial need in the evolving AI landscape” and acknowledged that the creation of a standardised, scalable evaluation infrastructure “addresses a deep pain point for AI developers”.

In other news from the US around AI, we previously highlighted how Boston Children’s Hospital has launched a pilot of an AI solution for imaging analysis in paediatric radiology, aiming to “improve image quality and the speed and accuracy of image interpretation”.

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