Canada Health Infoway launches partnership with Dedalus to advance healthcare interoperability

Canada Health Infoway has announced a new partnership with Dedalus, a UK-based digital solutions and services provider, with the aim of advancing healthcare interoperability across Canada.

In a LinkedIn post, Dedalus shared that the partnership followed the “successful delivery” of the company’s Terminology Server in the UK’s NHS, and work with the Dutch national competence centre for digital information management in healthcare to “deliver their terminology solution”.

From Canada Health Infoway has outlined the potential benefits of the partnership on its website, highlighting the Terminology Solution as “a crucial resource for standards SMEs, government agencies, specification developers, and healthcare consumers nationwide”.

The solution is reported to be “fully compliant” with Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standards, operates as “a centralized hub for standard terminologies in Canada”, and offers benefits including improved healthcare interoperability, and “simplified adoption of clinical terminologies and other code systems”.

It is hoped that the solution will help to reduce duplication in healthcare, and empower users through the use of cloud hosting, implementation services, training, and improved efficiency.

Abhi Kalra, executive vice president of connected care at Canada Health Infoway, said of the partnership: “This collaboration between Canada Health Infoway and Dedalus marks a significant milestone in our collective journey towards achieving healthcare interoperability. By providing a centralized platform for standard terminologies, we are simplifying processes and enhancing the quality of care for all Canadians.”

Canada Health Infoway’s website outlines plans for the partnership to conduct a “comprehensive rollout plan and onboarding process’ over the coming months, with the aim of supporting the exchange of information and enhancing clinical decision support and analytics capabilities.

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