Children’s Health Ireland announces that new children’s hospital will be “fully digital”

In a LinkedIn post, Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) has announced that its new children’s hospital will be “fully digital”, equipped with a new electronic health record (EHR) and using tech for the management and delivery of health services, “moving from old paper-based systems to digital systems”.

CHI refers to Project Ogham, the programme that will be responsible for building and implementing the new EHR, as “the foundation to the new children’s hospital being the first truly digital hospital in the country”. It forms a part of the CHI’s Digital Health Programme, which focuses on “transforming patient care” across the network.

The EHR solution selected for the transformation is Epic EHR, which will provide clinicians access to patient’s medical information including medical history and test results in one place. Further modules implemented within the EHR include a medical oncology module to help manage the care of cancer patients; the MyChart patient portal to allow patients to view their own health information; and an inpatient pharmacy application which links the prescribing, verification, dispensing, and administration of patient medications.

Heading up the project are CHI’s senior CxIO team, comprised of “four senior leaders from pharmacy, nursing, HSCP and medical whose main role is to make sure that clinicians have a say in all the digital systems going into the new hospital”. According to CHI’s Project Ogham webpage, their main focus will be on Project Ogham and the implementation of the “full range of digital systems” that will be put in place for the new hospital.

To learn more about the new children’s hospital, please click here.

Earlier this year, we were joined by Aislinn Gannon, general manager for digital health at Ireland’s Health Service Executive, who shared with us her experience with digital health programmes, and her perspectives on the future of tech in health in Ireland.

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