Congressional Digital Health Caucus launched in US to promote collaboration and integration of health tech

Congresswoman Robin Kelly (Illinois) and Congressman Troy Balderson (Ohio) have announced the establishment of a Congressional Digital Health Caucus to “serve as a platform for dialogue and collaboration” between government experts and representatives from the healthcare industry and private sector, with the aim of shaping policies to support integration of digital health technologies into the US healthcare landscape.

Five key objectives are shared for the Congressional Digital Health Caucus, including helping policymakers keep pace with advancements in digital health; supporting accessibility for “all Americans irrespective of socio-economic status or geographical location”; serving as a hub for collaboration to accelerate development and adoption of solutions; addressing regulatory challenges; and advancing research and development.

Congresswoman Robin Kelly comments: “From telehealth visits to virtual treatment monitoring, digital technology is transforming medicine and improving prevention and treatment options at a rapid pace. I’m proud to co-chair the bipartisan Digital Health Caucus with Congressman Troy Balderson to identify innovative applications for digital technology in healthcare.”

She added: “The Digital Health Caucus will work to ensure that historically marginalized communities have equal access to these groundbreaking advancements. By incorporating the responsible use of technology into our caring systems, patients will be able to access ever-growing possibilities for treatment and prevention.”

To read the press release in full, please click here.

Also from the US, a report published by the US International Trade Administration has explored commercial opportunities for US firms in India across a variety of sectors including healthcare, where it identifies opportunities for US suppliers of medical devices, telemedicine solutions, AI solutions, and more.

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