Connecticut’s Jefferson Radiology introduces AI-powered tech for CT scanning

Jefferson Radiology in Connecticut has announced the introduction of Aidoc tech across its outpatient centers and hospital partnerships, with the aim of enhancing sub-specialized care and improving healthcare outcomes.

Aidoc software is said to use “advanced” AI algorithms to support radiologists in diagnosing and prioritising CT scan cases. These algorithms can alert radiologists when urgent findings are detected, speeding up the reporting process and “accelerating care for patients with life-threatening conditions and potentially averting adverse outcomes”.

The algorithms cover critical conditions including intracranial hemorrhage, pulmonary embolism (PE), cervical spine fracture, and rib fracture, with results so char including “enhanced detection of subtle critical findings” by up to 36 percent and a “notable” 44 percent increase in treatment opportunities through incidental pulmonary embolism detection.

Dr. Ryan Kaliney, Jefferson Radiology, explains: “Our radiologists are well-versed in interpreting AI-assisted findings critically. They consider AI suggestions as part of the overall diagnostic process, relying on their expertise to make the final decision. The combination of AI and human intelligence ensures accurate and comprehensive diagnoses.”

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