Dutch insurer VGZ invests €6m in NLC Health Ventures for early-stage innovations

Dutch health insurer VGZ has announced that it is investing €6 million into health tech venture builder and investment fund NLC Health Ventures, as part of a strategic partnership to “develop and grow impactful, innovative companies in healthcare”.

VGZ CEO Kees Hamster comments that through the company’s ‘Voorop in Zorg’ fund, they are “investing 60 million in innovative companies that keep healthcare accessible and affordable.” The fund focuses on (pre)seed and early-stage companies in the medtech, health tech, digital health and data exchange space, with Kees explaining that it aims to help “companies that offer solutions to increase labor potential, reduce healthcare use, and minimise patient inflow. This way, we save time for healthcare professionals, deploy resources smarter, and contribute to patient self-management.”

Kees added that VGZ can utilise its knowledge and expertise to support companies that are about to enter the market or are working to scale up in the Netherlands, offering “access to know-how on reimbursements, market size, current care pathways, contracting, and revenue models”.

Bert-Arjan Millenaar, CEO and founder of NLC Health Ventures, states NCL can “find suitable innovations, from around the world, and build them into full-fledged companies. The investment from and cooperation with VGZ will make it possible to get these innovations to patients faster.”

In other news from the Netherlands, we reported how start-up MindAffect has succeeded in raising €1.1 million for Aurora, a “brain response-based hearing diagnostic tool” developed to overcome the “significant challenges with standard diagnostic tests that require active responses”, particularly for children and those with disabilities.

We also highlighted how NLC Health Ventures announced a total of €58 million in funding which will be used to “accelerate NLC’s strategic plans for international expansion”. Read more here.

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