Florida-based Medical Microinstruments raises $110m for microsurgery innovation

Florida-based surgical robotics company Medical Microinstruments, Inc. (MMI) has raised $110 million in Series C funding for microsurgery innovation, which is to be used to support the commercialisation of the company’s Symani® Surgical System and to accelerate “advanced technology capabilities” across the globe.

Mark Toland, CEO, said that the support “builds on our confidence in a new, less invasive solution for open surgery, a significant market that can benefit from the smallest wristed microinstruments. Our Symani Surgical System is uniquely positioned to expand patient access to care by accelerating the number of surgeons able to perform complex, delicate procedures. With the support of our investors, we will continue to advance our technology through a growing body of clinical evidence and expanded hospital partnerships.”

The Symani Surgical System has already been granted the CE mark in Europe, and this latest round of funding is hoped to help continue commercialisation efforts in the US and Asia-Pacific. The system works by “allowing surgeons to replicate the natural movements of the human hand at the micro scale”, offering opportunities for procedures such as lymphatic surgery and trauma replantations.

MMI claims that these capabilities will help improve the quality of life for more patients, enable hospitals to expand their open surgical programmes, and “accelerate the number of surgeons able to push the boundaries of complex procedures for delicate anatomy”.

Also on funding, Dutch company NLC Health Ventures has announced that it has secured a total of €58 million in funding, including €14 million from a recent funding round, which will be used to “accelerate NLC’s strategic plans for international expansion”, increasing the number of ventures built and “strengthening support” for its existing portfolio.