Indian Peerless Hospital launches “humanoid robotics” for joint replacement surgery

India’s Peerless Hospital, Kolkata, has announced the launch of “humanoid robotics” for joint replacement surgery, posting a video explaining what the innovation will mean for patients requiring this type of surgery in the future.

The robotics platform incorporates technologies including Microsoft’s Hololens, an “ergonomic, untethered self-contained holographic device” which utilises mixed reality technology.

The 3D robotics technology, powered by AI, can potentially assist with the planning and carrying out of surgeries, providing surgeons with real-time vision and the ability to carry out precision actions.

The AI component of the platform works by processing CT scans of patient’s joints, with hopes of reducing human error by using AI to calculate alignments with less of an error margin. It is thought that by ensuring the perfect alignment, replaced joints will offer improved function and last for longer than those replaced by humans.

According to the Microsoft website, the Hololens technology allows teams to work securely to enhance patient treatment, “reducing time-to-care”, enabling health professionals to connect with “remote experts”, and providing access to patient data and to MRI scans in 3D at the point of care.

Recent research published in the Frontiers journal looked at the potential for mixed reality to be used in medical training and surgical planning, incorporating the Microsoft Hololens device in the development of applications in urology, anatomical and surgical training.

Results from the study highlighted the possible uses of mixed reality in preoperative planning, allowing for “real-time access to essential patient information without losing the sterility of the surgical field”. However, authors concluded that “further studies are needed to comprehensively validate its clinical application”.

Citation: Sánchez-Margallo JA, Plaza de Miguel C, Fernández Anzules RA and Sánchez-Margallo FM (2021) Application of Mixed Reality in Medical Training and Surgical Planning Focused on Minimally Invasive Surgery. Front. Virtual Real. 2:692641. doi: 10.3389/frvir.2021.692641

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