International collaboration sees launch of HealthX, a new digital health platform for insurers

An international collaboration between Foyer Global Health, an international health insurance provider, and Galytix, a provider of a generative AI platform for financial institutions, has seen the launch of a new digital health platform for insurers.

The platform, HealthX, uses generative AI to combine structured and unstructured data, providing insights and analytics for a range of services including claims alerts, processing, underwriting, and risk reporting.

The solution is reportedly capable of scoring claims without the need for human intervention, with the initial focus to centre around portfolio analytics and automating core claims processes for health risks. It is hoped that the platform will provide Foyer Global Health with a standardised data model and a consolidated view of health data, with its implementation said to be having an impact on “delivering decisions at a quicker pace and reducing the amount of time spent on gathering and processing data from days to a few minutes”.

François Jacquemin, CEO of Foyer Global Health, has commented: “It’s difficult to imagine the sheer volume of data generated by health insurance policies, especially considering the various formats we receive it in. This platform is fundamental to our growth as a business and will transform the way we work with health data by providing us a ‘golden source of truth’. We’re excited by the efficiency gains and risk insights we are already generating by leveraging AI at this early stage.”

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On other news in data, researchers from UCLA and UC Irvine have created a database containing more than 83,000 surgical outcomes from EHR data and “high-fidelity physiological waveform data” which “fills a gap in publicly accessible databases that researchers can use to train and test AI algorithms”.