New partnership in France to drive innovations in clinical research and AI

A new partnership in France has been announced between global advisory and clinical research firm Alira Health and Sancare, a company specialising in harnessing the potential of hospital data through AI.

The partnership will focus on the launch of a platform of “deep hospital electronic medical record data linked with claims from an expanding federated network of French hospitals, augmented with AI”.

The partnership will link EMR and claims data from a network of hospitals and aims to offer “near real-time access” to “large volumes of deep hospital clinical data linked with claims to address evidence gaps”.

Jean-François Ricci, chief access officer at Alira Health, comments: “Through the partnership between Alira Health and Sancare, we combine our strengths to create a comprehensive end-to-end service offering that enables data access, analytics, and evidence generation strategy, providing impactful real-world solutions with purpose for patients.”

He added that the collaboration “creates a central source for study design, data analysis, and communication of actionable insights that address needs for clinical research and market access in France and beyond.”

To learn more about the new partnership, please click here.

In other news from Europe, a new EU-funded five-year project, “PAIR”, has been launched in the hopes of improving point-of-care (POC) diagnostics and epidemiological modelling, bringing together 20 partners from seven countries with the aim of helping Europe to develop expertise and capabilities in this area based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.