Norway collab seeks to accelerate clinical studies with international marketing support

A new collaboration between HealthCatalyst AS and NorTrials is seeking to accelerate clinical studies and testing in Norway, offering a “common contact point” and support with international marketing for companies, healthcare staff and researchers.

HealthCatalyst AS represents an existing collaboration between the three health clusters: Norway Health Tech, Norwegian Smart Care Cluster, and Oslo Cancer Cluster. The company works to support Norway’s position as a “unique facilitator” for future health and technology solutions.

NorTrials is an existing collaboration between regional health authorities and pharmaceutical and medtech organisations, and was established by the Ministry of Health and Care Services in 2021. It looks to bring together actors within the health and research sector to “strengthen and streamline” clinical studies in Norway.

The collaboration between the two clusters is anticipated as a way of getting “even more power behind the goal of making Norway a prominent testing nation”, including a common contact point for those involved in research and testing, support with developing the test concept for digital solutions, and help with business models, evaluation, and international marketing.

Lena Nymo Helli, Norway Health Tech, said: “This collaboration will be a milestone for Norwegian health technology and contribute to strengthen Norway’s position as a test nation. By simplifying testing, we are also creating new jobs.”

In related news, we recently covered another collaboration in Norway between AstraZeneca, Oslo Cancer Cluster, and Oslo Science City, which is hoped to mark “closer collaboration between researchers, startups, and pharmaceutical companies”. Under the agreement, Norwegian startups will be given easier access to residency at AstraZeneca’s BioVenture Hub, whilst Swedish companies will have the chance to “reside at Oslo Cancer Cluster and collaborate closely with their environments in cancer and precision medicine”, as well as research groups from Oslo Science City.