Saudi-based digital solution provider Elm signs MOU with Gulf Health Council

Elm, a Saudi-based digital solutions provider, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Gulf Health Council during the LEAP tech conference in Saudi Arabia this month, with the aim of advancing “cooperation and efforts in order to serve the targeted clientele and enhance the continuity of services within the health sector”.

Majid bin Saad Al Arifi, CEO VP of the marketing sector at Elm, said that the latest MOU is “of great importance to us, as it paves the way for strategic cooperation with the Gulf Health Council and extensive associations in areas of mutual interest. We look forward to using our digital capabilities and advanced technologies to further the goals of this collaboration, thereby contributing to the digitisation of the Kingdom’s health sector.”

The partnership will focus on providing value-added services to the NashraTech system, an initiative to promote improved quality of health services in GCC countries; as well as on developing digital products by “employing innovative models at the GCC level”. Cooperation will include advisory services, data analysis, AI support, and a range of outsourcing of business functions such as operations and inspection.

Elm offers services including strategy and transformation, strategies implementation, transformation management, and IT. The organisation also runs a series of social programs, including its Holom program, which supports Saudi students in IT, computer science, software engineering, and more.

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