South African Altron HealthTech and Dischem Oncology collaborate to standardise EHR data

South African companies Altron HealthTech and Dischem Oncology have announced that they are collaborating on a solution designed to provide clinicians with access to digital health advances, with the aim of “reducing the cost of digital health infrastructure while increasing access to approved treatment protocols and clinical workflows alongside interoperability, patient access to health data and payment reforms”.

In particular, the partnership seeks to standardise electronic health record data. It is hoped that this will help to tackle interoperability challenges whilst providing clinicians with tools to support them to work more efficiently with structured data.

Altron HealthTech shares that the solution will include structured data elements to standardise workflows along with approved treatment protocols, to support clinicians in gaining access to data as needed.

These data elements “are needed to understand the patient journey with greater clarity and the right technology can collate the data held in unstructured documents, such as clinician notes and diagnostic reports,” states Gerard Augustine, for Altron HealthTech. “By gathering all this data into a centralised ecosystem, it makes it possible for clinicians to gain access to critical data on demand and at speed. This can facilitate more efficient and safer care while supporting decision-making with relevant data and insights.”

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