Spain’s Mediktor acquires San Francisco-based provider Sensely

Spanish digital healthcare company Mediktor has announced the acquisition of San Franciso-based Sensely, provider of an “empathy-driven” conversation platform designed to support hospital systems and insurance services with member management.

The merger of the two companies reportedly helps to develop “one of the largest global AI-based solution providers in the healthcare ecosystem”, with the newly integrated company set to utilise Sensely’s platform to “help increase efficiencies and reduce costs”.

Mediktor will also acquire educational healthcare content from Mayo Clinic, developed through a pre-existing agreement with Sensely, with Mayo Clinic becoming a shareholder of the newly merged company.

Mediktor states that the consolidation “marks a major medical technology milestone”, with the move expanding Mediktor’s presence to more than 35 countries.

Moving forward, Mediktor has shared plans to integrate Sensely’s current workforce team into the new organisation, with Sensely’s co-founder and CEo Adam Odessky to take on the role of chief product officer.

“Mediktor and Sensely represent the perfect synergy between AI-based symptom assessment and empathy-driven virtual assistance that puts patients at the centre,” Adam comments. “The combination of these two organisations provides customers with a strong, comprehensive suite of technology services that are proven to increase efficiency and reduce overhead costs for institutions”.

 Mediktor’s CEO Cristian Pascual states that the acquisition “reinforces our commitment to digital health innovation. By joining forces with Sensely, we are poised to offer a leading top-notch AI solution to multiple businesses, ultimately improving millions of people’s access to healthcare.”

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