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Tino Marti interview

Interview: Tino Marti, digital health economist, on digital health initiatives in Spain

We recently caught up with Tino Marti, a digital health economist based in Spain, to talk about recent projects he has been involved with, European perspectives, and future directions in health technology. Tino is currently digital health facilitator at the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) based in Brussels, Belgium, which […]

Sarah Jabbour

Interview: Sarah Jabbour, University of Michigan, on AI in healthcare

We recently caught up with Sarah Jabbour, PhD candidate in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, to talk about her research on the challenges and opportunities of machine learning, human-AI interaction, and models for diagnosis in healthcare. We asked Sarah to introduce herself, and to share with […]

James Martin

Interview: James Martin, CEO and founder of US start-up ezClinic

At the Web Summit in Lisbon, we had chance to speak to James Martin, CEO and founder of ezClinic. ezClinic is a Chicago-based medical technology company with a mission to become a key resource for patient safety and risk management through use of AI and preventative monitoring assistance. Through an […]

Wiktor Żołnowski, founder of Health Folder

Interview: Wiktor Żołnowski, founder of Health Folder, Poland

At Web Summit in Lisbon, we spoke with Wiktor Żołnowski, founder of Polish start-up Health Folder: an app collating medical documentation to support patients in keeping on top of their healthcare journey. Hi Wiktor! Thanks for chatting to us. Can you introduce yourself and tell us the story behind Health […]

Keltie Jamieson, CIO of Bermuda Hospitals Board

Interview: Keltie Jamieson, CIO at Bermuda Hospitals Board

As HTN takes on an international approach, we’re pleased to share our interview with Keltie Jamieson, chief hospital information officer for Bermuda Hospitals Board. Keltie discussed her career path through digital health, Bermuda’s digital priorities at health board and national level, and her insights into the digital health landscape on […]