Taiwanese hospital receives two HIMSS digital maturity validations

Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taiwan has recently been revalidated for Stage 7 of the HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model as well as receiving validation for Stage 6 of the HIMSS Infrastructure Adoption Model.

During their assessment, evaluators are reported to have noted “impressive” demonstrations within the hospital’s operational, business and advanced analytics, and senior executives received commendation for “being immersed in understanding and implementing organisational policies with robust governance, good lines of communication and strong understanding of ground practices.”

Andrew Pearce, VP analytics and global advisory lead of HIMSS, commented on a feature of the hospital’s electronic medication administration record as a “excellent innovation that aptly demonstrated how even minor features, predicated on a deep understanding of clinical flows and pathways can help to improve quality and safety outcomes for patients.”

With regards to infrastructure, positive comments were made around the active involvement of clinicians in infrastructure investment, the regular security and downtime simulations, the “clean and well-managed” data centre, and the demonstration of innovation applications such as smart customer service and digital pathology.

HTNI previously reported on the launch of the new health infrastructure adoption model from HIMSS, which is designed to help health leaders to optimise their health system’s technical infrastructure by creating an assessment report that “highlights critical gaps and potential risks in a facility’s infrastructure architecture”, along with providing a toolkit and roadmap for future improvements. Read more about it here.