Author: jonw0905

Dutch company NLC Health Ventures has announced that it has secured a total of €58 million in funding for health tech ventures.

WHO launches freely accessible AI digital health worker

The World Health Organization (WHO), with support from the Qatar Ministry of Health, has launched an artificial intelligence digital health worker, Florence. The AI animated digital person is said to offer “an innovative and interactive platform to share a myriad of health topics in seven languages” and “share advice on […]

The Fogarty International Center has issued a call for mHealth interventions and tools for low and middle income countries (LMICs).

FDA grants clearance for AI-powered cardiac tech from UltraSight

UltraSight has announced that the FDA has granted clearance for its AI-powered ultrasound guidance technology, which is designed to “assist medical professionals without sonography experience in acquiring cardiac ultrasound images at the point of care in multiple settings”, with the aim of supporting detection of heart disease and providing patients […]