Gorilla Technology Group wins Thailand bid for intelligent video management and analytics

Gorilla Technology Group Inc. has announced the success of its bid to provide a “comprehensive video management system with intelligent video analytics solution” for Rama Hospital, Thailand.

The video management system, with in-built intelligent video analytics, has been procured with the hopes of providing Rama Hospital with “real-time actionable insights, advanced security measures, and streamlined operational efficiencies”, incorporating facial recognition tech.

Speaking on the successful bid, Will Addison, VP of Innovation at Gorilla, spoke of this hopes that this collaboration will pave the way for the company’s pursuit in similar deals within the UK market.

He added: “We are thrilled to have been chosen by Rama Hospital for this transformative project. Our team is deeply committed to delivering a bespoke solution that aligns seamlessly with the hospital’s unique requirements and contributes to its ongoing success in providing exceptional healthcare services. We foresee this partnership transcending its current scope, potentially expanding to include other hospitals under the Rama Hospital network, thus paving the path for regional growth and advancement in the healthcare industry.”

The Group, which has its headquarters in London, UK, promotes a vision which includes the creation of “seamless connectivity”, and “an ecosystem where individuals, businesses and communities thrive in an era of digital empowerment”.

Elsewhere in innovation in health tech, Dutch company NLC Health Ventures has announced that it has secured a total of €58 million in funding, including €14 million from a recent funding round, which will be used to “accelerate NLC’s strategic plans for international expansion”, increasing the number of ventures built and “strengthening support” for its existing portfolio.

Elsewhere, a new partnership in France has been announced between global advisory and clinical research firm Alira Health and Sancare, a company specialising in harnessing the potential of hospital data through AI.