India-based Wellthy Therapeutics joins United Arab Emirates’ TruDoc

India-based Wellthy Therapeutics, an operating system for digital therapies, has announced it is taking a “step forward” by becoming part of the TruDoc (United Arab Emirates) family, bringing together TruDoc’s digital primary care services and Wellthy Therapeutics’ chronic disease management solutions.

With the new union in place, Wellthy notes the potential to work toward combining expertise, and bringing “patients across the globe” 24/7 access to “full-stack virtual primary care”.

Three specific areas that Wellthy hopes to impact have been identified, including improving access to primary care across geographical boundaries, enhancing personalised care with the help of digital therapeutics, and a “streamlined healthcare delivery model that optimizes costs and improves outcomes”.

In a recent blog post, Vish Narain, Chairman of TruDoc, stated: “With this acquisition, we’re hitting a key milestone on our path to transforming healthcare across the GCC and beyond.  We are crafting an integrated care experience that’s tailored to the changing needs of our patients and our clients. We envision a future where primary care is easily accessible, starting with digital platforms, followed by in-home care, with in-clinic visits only when needed.“

Abhishek Shah, Founder of Wellthy Therapeutics, said: “Our founding goal at Wellthy was ambitious; to impact millions of lives. This partnership accelerates our progress towards our impact goal, broadening our reach while enhancing patient outcomes. The combined capabilities are uniquely positioned to significantly lower healthcare expenses, contribute to savings, and reduce unnecessary hospital and clinic visits, while substantially improving the patient experience.”

In related news, a new partnership in France has been announced between global advisory and clinical research firm Alira Health and Sancare, a company specialising in harnessing the potential of hospital data through AI.

Elsewhere, Ezdehar Management, a growth equity investor focusing on the Egyptian market, has announced a $10 million investment in Yodawy, described as a “modern-day digital pharmacy, powered by technology, advanced fulfilment capabilities, and integrations with pharmacies, insurance companies, and healthcare providers”.