International open accelerator launches for women’s health and femtech start-ups

An international acceleration programme for innovative start-ups focusing on the femtech sector has been launched by Italy-headquartered Zambon through their research venture Zcube, with applications open until 16 June.

Applications are encouraged from start-ups and entrepreneurial ideas around the development of products and services to address “major medical needs” and improve women’s health and wellbeing, with targeted areas including gynecology, endocrinology, mental health, reproductive health, and more.

Five start-ups will receive an investment of €100,000 and will gain access to a training and mentoring programme with support from experts in a variety of fields such as business development, venture capital and market access.

In addition, start-ups deemed to have the “highest potential” will receive the opportunity to build a partnership with the Zambon group, with a view to “accelerating their market access phase and commercial positioning on a global scale”.

Giovanni Magnaghi, president of Zcube and chief financial officer of Zambon, comments that the company is “excited to discover which companies can bring innovative solutions to change the Life Sciences and women’s health sector. The choice to dedicate the 2024 edition to the femtech sector is deliberate: working in unexplored areas can contribute to creating benefits for the global economy. As highlighted by recent studies, bridging this gender gap is essential.”

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