Tampa Bay Wave opens applications for 2024 HealthTech|X Accelerator

Tampa Bay Wave, a tech startup support organisation based in Florida, has announced the opening of applications for its 2024 HealthTech|X Accelerator programme, aiming to “fuel innovation and support high-potential healthtech startups in Tampa and beyond”.

The programme offers an “immersive” 90-day experience including one-to-one mentoring, pitch coaching and investment readiness training, with Linda Olson, CEO of Tampa Bay Wave, stating that they are “thrilled to open the application process and invite innovative healthtech startups to join us in advancing healthcare technology in our region”.

Other reported benefits include a large mentor network, an online portal to support with guidance, and the potential of continued support beyond the accelerator programme.

The mission of the programme, according to Tampa Bay Wave’s website, is to “reinforce Florida’s position as a vibrant HealthTech hub”, and to foster a “dynamic ecosystem of startups and top-tier talent” by attracting attention from the healthcare industry on a global scale.

The programme is supported by a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.

More information can be found here.

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