Jordan’s Ministry of Health launches national electronic registry for cystic fibrosis patients

The Jordanian Ministry of Health has announced the launch of a new national electronic registry for cystic fibrosis patients, developed in collaboration with the Quality Improvement Project for Health Services, and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Dr Firas Hawari, Minister of Health, noted the importance of work done by national committees tasked with compiling an inaugural national report on cystic fibrosis patients in Jordan, and the collaboration on the project to date.

Hawari added: “The ministry has proactively equipped healthcare facilities with lung function testing devices, recognizing their pivotal role in diagnosis, disease monitoring, and treatment assessment. Through collaborative efforts with the Quality Improvement Project for Health Services, our technical workforce has been proficiently trained to operate these sophisticated devices, tailored for paediatric use, ensuring accurate testing and result interpretation.”

It is hoped that the registry will help advance efforts to establish a comprehensive database, as well as serving as an example of effective digitisation of records on genetic and rare diseases on a national level.

Dr Hawari highlighted the importance of the new registry in granting healthcare providers, researchers and policymakers with “invaluable insights to inform tailored preventive and therapeutic interventions for patients”.

To learn more about the new registry, please click here.

In other news from the Middle East region, Elm, a Saudi-based digital solutions provider, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Gulf Health Council, with the aim of advancing “cooperation and efforts in order to serve the targeted clientele and enhance the continuity of services within the health sector”.