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Finland-based medical device company Sooma has successfully raised €5 million in growth funding, which will be used to allow the company to "continue its rapid expansion into new and existing markets" with brain stimulation treatments for depression.

French consortium explores possibilities of virtual twins for medical practice

In France, the launch of the MEDITWIN consortium has been announced to explore the possibilities of virtual twins for medical practice, with the aim of enabling doctors to simulate scenarios, and to develop seven new medical practices and “virtual healthcare products” across neurology, cardiology, and oncology. The consortium consists of […]

In the US, Salesforce has announced the launch of new AI and data innovations for CRM, to "help make healthcare operations more efficient and personalized".

New partnership in France to drive innovations in clinical research and AI

A new partnership in France has been announced between global advisory and clinical research firm Alira Health and Sancare, a company specialising in harnessing the potential of hospital data through AI. The partnership will focus on the launch of a platform of “deep hospital electronic medical record data linked with […]