US-based Mayo Clinic Platform launches digital health Solutions Studio

Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic has announced the launch of Solutions Studio, a new programme forming part of Mayo Clinic Platform designed to accelerate the development, validation and deployment of digital health solutions and ultimately integrate them into healthcare workflows.

The studio will offer “clean, curated” and de-identified data from global regions for the purposes of model development and improvement; a library of tools offering analytics and training capabilities; opportunities for objective assessment into the model’s performance using Mayo Clinic Platform_Validate; and a simplified process to integrate solutions into clinical workflows with Mayo Clinic Platform_Deploy.

Additionally, the studio includes a solution qualification process incorporating due diligence, clinical review, risk stratification and quantitative review by “expert” physicians and data scientists; standardised contracting processes and marketing opportunities; and “specialised insights and guidance from Mayo Clinic experts” along with access to implementation services.

Sonya Makhni, medical director of solutions for Mayo Clinic Platform, comments: “There is a lot of excitement around the transformative potential of AI in healthcare, but it will only be possible if providers have the tools necessary to demystify and use AI responsibly in clinical care. As founding members of CHAI (Coalition for Health AI), we created guiding principles that are the foundation of Solutions Studio, enabling innovators to bring qualified solutions to life quickly, while helping providers access high-quality solutions they can trust.”

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