US’s Better Health secures $14m in funding for solution to support chronic condition care

San Francisco-based Better Health has announced the securing of $14 million in funding for its solution providing support for those with chronic illness.

Better Health works to simplify the “burdensome process” of accessing home medical supplies, by providing a single point of contact for referrals, insurance and care coordination and aiming to save time for clinical teams by reducing the need to spend as much time on administrative work.

The new funding will be used to offer “a more comprehensive solution” for payers and providers, and to support expansion into “new categories”, whilst also allowing for the exploration of the ways in which AI might enhance the patient, payer and provider experience.

One of the latest investors is Healthworx, the innovation and investment arm of CareFirst Inc. Investment manager Christopher George has commented that the funding is built on a desire to support Better Health’s work to better access and outcomes for patients with chronic conditions, “especially those who rely on durable medical equipment as a part of daily life”.

Naama Stauber Breckler, CEO at Better Health, spoke of the “increasing need” for home-based care, adding: “Members tell us that working with us is like finding a best friend, that they’re able to be more active, and that they feel supported and less lonely in their care journey, which is one of the main drivers of our 98 percent customer satisfaction rating.  No one should manage their chronic condition alone, and our network of peers is a proven way to support that.”

In other funding news, California-based Maxim AI, described as an “enterprise-grade evaluation and observability platform for AI applications”, has raised $3 million in a funding round to help “test and rapidly ship AI products”, with Maxim also announcing the general availability launch of the platform.

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