Singapore-based Qritive announces collaboration with diagnostic centres and hospitals in India

Singapore-based AI solution provider Qritive has announced an upcoming collaboration with three diagnostic centres and hospitals in India: Metropolis Healthcare, the Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and CŌRE Diagnostics.

The collaboration will see Qritive’s AI technology integrated into pathology workflows, in a move which the company hopes will help to improve accuracy and efficiency in cancer diagnosis.

Surendran Chemmenkottil, CEO of Metropolis Healthcare, said: “As we embark on this transformative journey with Qritive, we are enthusiastic about the immense potential it holds for advancing our capabilities in pathology.”

Surendran added that the “integration of Qritive’s AI-powered platform into our workflows signifies a revolutionary step in enhancing precision, timeliness, and personalized diagnosis. This collaboration reinforces our commitment to setting a new standard in cancer care, particularly in supporting clinicians in making effective treatment decisions for prostate cancer detection.”

Qritive focuses on developing AI solutions for digital pathology in cancer diagnosis, and uses deep learning technology to “support the interpretation of pathology tests for time and resource-strapped medical imaging professionals”.

Dinesh Chauhan, CEO of CŌRE Diagnostics, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Qritive, integrating their advanced AI solutions into our pathology workflow at CŌRE Diagnostics. This collaboration will strengthen our diagnostic precision, resulting in improved patient outcomes, and reaffirm our dedication to delivering excellence in clinical care. The collaboration also has the potential to lead to the development of new AI services for the diagnosis of rare diseases.”

Also on innovation, Florida-based surgical robotics company Medical Microinstruments, Inc. (MMI) has raised $110 million in Series C funding for microsurgery innovation, which is to be used to support the commercialisation of the company’s Symani® Surgical System and to accelerate “advanced technology capabilities” across the globe.

Elsewhere, Minnesota-based Mayo Clinic has announced the launch of Solutions Studio, a new programme forming part of Mayo Clinic Platform designed to accelerate the development, validation and deployment of digital health solutions and ultimately integrate them into healthcare workflows.

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